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About This Blog

The project has its roots in the Cultural Competency Committee’s “Share your Culture” initiative introduced by Co-Chairs, Mr. Sunnie Whipple and Ms. Bernice Mascher. This initiative engaged community members, consumers, family members, peers and staff alike in presenting on different aspects of their culture; thereby fostering cross-cultural learning, understanding, sensitivity, and appreciation.

The Cultural Traditions and Connections Blog came out of the need to connect with our committee members, inclusive of consumers, family members, peers, advocates, community members, colleagues and co-workers. It was fueled by the need to tell everyone that we care about what is happening within our families, our neighborhoods, our communities, our country, and our world.

We can all share and find nurturing connections by engaging in reading heartwarming articles and reflections that help us relax our tired minds, draw smiles across our faces, and comfort our spirits with a sense of collective caring found in the richness of who we are as human beings.

This blog’s content is managed by the members and staff of the Cultural Competency Committee.