Older Adults

Carlotta Childs-Seagle, L.C.S.W. Deputy Director

Carlotta Childs-Seagle, L.C.S.W.
Deputy Director


Welcome to the Older Adult Systems of Care Page

Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health provides a range of programs and services designed for older adults (60+) who reside in Los Angeles County. Mental Health services are available through directly operated and contract agencies throughout the County. Services in these agencies typically involve screening and assessment, case management services, individual and family treatment and crisis intervention services.

Older Adults may access Mental Health services through a network of County-operated and contracted agencies providing services in the Antelope Valley, San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, Metro Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, Central Los Angeles, Southeast Los Angeles and Long Beach/South Bay.

As a result of the Mental Health Services Act, often referred to as “Prop 63,” new programs and services have been added; these include: Field Capable Clinical Services (FCCS), Full Service Partnership (FSP) and Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI).

Older Adult Services Include:

Genesis/Facts Hoarding Task Force
(213) 351-7284


Outpatient Services Administrative Team
District Chief Martin Jones, LCSW
(213) 639-6002
Program Head Carol Sagusti, LCSW
(213) 738-2322
MHC Program Manager I Kathryn L. Crain, LCSW
(213) 639-6002
Supervisor Ann-Marie Murphy,
213 738-2336
Program Liaisons Lydia Vera
(213) 738-2329
Angela Guzman
(213) 738-2131
FSP Coordinator Heeyoung “Iris” Lee
(213) 351-7209