by Wendy Cabil, B.A., Client Stakeholder

conversation bubbles
Once upon a time, three forces were engaged in a discussion. Here’s a snapshot of a special moment involving Hope, Wellness, and Recovery. Hope explained the importance of its role in the universe. Hope said, “without me, there is no need for the both of you to exist,” speaking to Wellness and Recovery.

“How so?” The two inquired. “Without us (Wellness and Recovery), you Hope would have nothing to strive for and demonstrate your ability. We represent action-oriented results to a productive life.” “Perhaps, you two do make a difference at some point”, stated Hope. “Of course, we do!” They both shouted. “As a matter of fact,” Wellness added, “I am progressive and on-going.” Recovery interrupted with “Amen!”

Then Recovery continued with “But I represent the process.” “Without me, how do you measure your progress, Wellness? And how do you gauge your condition Hope? I offer the context in which Hope inspires Wellness while keeping you two on the same page and connected. I also allow time the freedom to interact in the process so that we are united as one in a symphony.”

“Enough of this debate,” said Recovery. “Instead, let us focus our energies positively rather than challenge the importance of each other’s contribution. We need to spread the message to the world that Hope, Wellness and Recovery are essential keys to mankind living a fulfilled life no matter what stage of life he or she is experiencing.” “Also noteworthy,” added Hope, “is that we are freely given.”