Quality Assurance

Quality Outcomes & Training Division
Quality Assurance Unit

Unit Manager: Bradley Bryant, Ph.D.

The Unit is responsible for maintaining adherence by the Department’s directly-operated and contract providers to County, State, and federal requirements for providing high-quality Medi-Cal Specialty Mental Health Services (SMHS) to the residents of Los Angeles County.

The Unit consists of the following Teams:

Medi-Cal Certification & Credentialing
Manager: Norma Cano, Psy.D.
Certifies the Department’s directly operated and contracted Medi-Cal SMHS providers in accord with all
applicable County, State, and federal requirements. Credentials directly operated practitioners
providing SMHS.

Policy & Technical Development
Manager: Jennifer Hallman, LCSW, MPA
Develops and revises policies, forms, manuals, and bulletins associated with the provision of Medi-Cal SMHS by directly operated and contracted providers. Oversees the adherence of providers to Medi-Cal requirements and provides direction and training. Assists in the development and refinement of the Department’s electronic health record system (EHRS) and uses data from the EHRS to assist in oversight and consultation activities. Serves as a liaison between the County and the State Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) including participation in DHCS policy workgroups. Oversees County’s Network Adequacy and Access-to-Care performance. Responds to DHCS audits of the County’s outpatient and inpatient SMHS. Initiates DHCS waivers of licensure for unlicensed contracted provider clinicians.

Provider Support & Review
Manager: Nikki Collier, LCSW
Provides training, consultation and technical assistance regarding the documenting and claiming of Medi-Cal SMHS with an emphasis on contract providers. Reviews the clinical records of contracted providers to identify areas where support is needed.

Health Information Management (HIM)
Manager: Olga Birov, MS, RHIA, CCS, CHDA
Serves as the legal custodian of the Department’s clinical records with respect to organization, content, maintenance, and disclosure in accord with applicable State and federal laws. Provides direction and guidance to DO providers on HIM-related issues including the handling of subpoenas.