Service Area Navigators

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The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health Stakeholder group unanimously supported the creation of Service Area Navigator Teams that would, across age groups, assist individuals and families in accessing mental health and other supportive services and network with community-based organizations in order to strengthen the array of services available to clients of the mental health system.

Some specific navigation tasks include:

  • Engaging with people and families to quickly identify currently available services, including supports and services tailored to the particular cultural, ethnic, age and gender identity if those seeking them
  • Recruiting community-based organizations and professional service providers to become part of an active locally-based support network for people in the Service Area, including those most challenged by mental health issues
  • Following-up with people with whom they have engaged to ensure that they have received the help they need
  • Using information technology and other means to map and keep up to date about the current availability of services and supports in the Service Area
  • Engaging in joint planning efforts with community partners, including community-based organizations, other County Departments, intradepartmental staff, schools, health service programs, faith based organizations, self-help and advocacy groups, with the goal of increasing access to mental health services and strengthening the network of services available to clients in the mental health system
  • Promoting awareness of mental health issues, and the commitment to recovery, wellness and self-help

Please see the Navigation Roster to contact your local Service Area Navigator.
(Note: You may enter your street address in this District Locator to find out which service area you are a part of.)

Service Area Navigator Roster