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“Hollywood 2.0” is LACDMH’s pilot project to provide comprehensive, community-based care and services to people experiencing mental illness and homelessness in the Hollywood community. Since receiving the L.A. County Board of Supervisors’ unanimous approval in November 2021, LACDMH has worked diligently to build a robust stakeholder engagement process alongside an expansion of clinical and field services in the Hollywood region, which has one of the highest concentrations of individuals experiencing homelessness and mental illness. The Hollywood 2.0 key components (shown in the community map) address an individual’s needs at various points in their recovery through a lens of psychosocial rehabilitation which were derived from a community stakeholder process.  This place-based array of services is not present in any other part of the county.

It starts with a connection...and ends with a neighbor living a safer, more meaningful life.
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LACDMH has developed the Hollywood Mental Health Cooperative an innovative treatment team approach combining outpatient and intensive field services, in partnership with the community that center around an individual’s needs. The Hollywood Mental Health Cooperative staff are shifting current practices to ensure that services are not limited to symptom reduction or a sole focus of reducing mental health problems. Rather at the beginning of engagement staff encourage clients to voice their immediate needs, personal goals, aspirations while assisting them in reestablishing a place in their community.

A group of Hollywood residents gathered under an outdoor canopy to watch a presentation.
A group of concerned citizens sitting in a meeting room to listen to a presentation about Hollywood 2.0

LACDMH has partnered with Hollywood 4WRD, a grassroots public-private coalition of stakeholders and service providers to enhance community engagement among residents, providers, and people with lived experience in Hollywood. A variety of events, meetings, and focus groups are currently underway. Interested individuals, businesses, and organizations can email H20@hollywood4wrd.org for additional opportunities to get involved. We look forward to collaborating with the Hollywood community to make the area healthier, safer, and more connected for everyone!

Timeline for the Hollywood 2.0 project: 2022 to 2027

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