Quality Improvement

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Quality Improvement Program Structure

The Office of Administrative Operations – Quality Improvement Division (OAO-QID) shares responsibility with providers to maintain and improve the quality of service and the delivery infrastructure. The OAO-QID establishes annual Work Plan goals, monitors Departmental activities for effectiveness, and conducts processes for continuous improvement of services countywide and in collaboration with other Departmental Divisions. The structure and process of the LACDMH Quality Improvement (QI) program are outlined in Policy and Procedure 1100.01, “Quality Improvement Program.” The OAO-QID works to ensure that the quality and appropriateness of care delivered to consumers meets or exceeds local, State, and Federal service standards. The OAO-QID is organized and implemented in support of an organizational culture of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) that:

  • Fosters hope, wellbeing, resilience and recovery
  • Reduces disparities
  • Promotes consumer and family involvement
  • Enhances cultural competency
  • Integrates the treatment of mental health and substance use disorders with physical healthcare

The purpose of the design and implementation of countywide QI activities is to ensure an organizational culture of continuous self-monitoring through effective strategies, best practices, and activities at all levels of the system. The OAO-QID team works to engage and support the Service Area Quality Improvement Committee (SA QIC) members in QI processes related to the QI Work Plan, specific Performance Improvement Project (PIP) activities, and additional QI projects conducted at the SA level.

What is the difference between QA (Quality Assurance) and QI (Quality Improvement)?

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