Service Request Tracking System (SRTS)

Service Request Tracking System (SRTS)

Purpose of the SRTS
How to Access the SRTS
Required Forms for SecurID Tokens
How to Use the SRTS
SRTS Guidelines
SRTS Workflows
Calendar for ACCESS Appointment Line
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Purpose of the SRTS

California Code of Regulations Title 9 §1810.405(f) requires a written log of initial requests for specialty mental health services.  In addition, DMH Policy 202.43 Scheduled Clinical Appointments and Associated Documentation states that all requests for newly-active clients shall be clearly documented, lists the specific data elements that are to be documented, and establishes timeframes for when individuals must receive their initial appointment.

The Service Request Tracking System (SRTS) is the mechanism to electronically document this information, and to track an individual’s ability to access care when the initial request for service is made, even when it is made at a location different from where they will receive their initial appointment.

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Accessing the SRTS

SRTS User Registration Form

Use your DMH Network Username and Password (same Username and Password used to log-on to your desk computer).

To access the web-based application, a RSA AA SecurID token is required.  Your User Name is your C#.  Your password is the same as your SSLVPN password.

Legal Entity providers must have a SecurID token in order to register for and access the SRTS. 

Click Here to Access Required Forms and Samples for SecurID Tokens (Legal Entity Providers only)

  • Applications Access Form
  • Individuals Authorized to Sign Applications Access Form
  • Oath of Confidentiality
  • E-Signature Agreement
  • County of Los Angeles Agreement for Acceptable Use
  • Downey Data Center Registration (DDCR)
  • SecurID Token Renewal Request (Non-County) and Agreement for Acceptable Use

Once all five (5) forms are completed, submit the originals together to:

Department of Mental Health
Systems Access Unit
695 S. Vermont Ave., 8th Floor
Los Angeles, CA. 90005

Using the SRTS

SRTS Guidelines

SRTS Tips & Tools

SRTS Workflows

Calendar for ACCESS Appointment Line

Related DMH Policies and Guidelines Information

Questions, concerns and user registrations can be e-mailed to

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