Service Area Leadership Teams (SALT)

diverse group of adults standing shoulder-to-shoulder outside at sunset

For the purposes of planning and operation, Los Angeles County is divided into eight Services Areas. Each Service Area has a Service Area Leadership Team (SALT – formerly known as Service Area Advisory Committee/SAAC).

Each of the eight (8) SALTs convenes the interests of LACDMH stakeholders from its respective Service Areas, including underserved/unserved and any other interested stakeholder communities as well as any interested individual parties in general, such as other County departments, law enforcement, schools and any organization that looks to inform a shared vision.

The primary goal of each SALT is for representatives of community to convene and develop stakeholder priorities that will advise LACDMH on its planning to develop and improve its services and partnerships. The recent name change from SAACs to SALTs is to emphasize that these multi-stakeholder meetings provide access to and can be attended by any stakeholder in each geographic region.

We encourage you to get involved with your respective SALT to optimize the mental health services/resources that LACDMH provides in your area.

(Note: You may enter your street address in this District Locator to find out which service area you are a part of.)

For details about upcoming SALT meetings, visit our online events calendar.