Coronavirus/COVID-19 Mental Health Resources

LACDMH Resources:

The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (LACDMH) supports the wellbeing of our County family, friends and colleagues. When you hear, read, or watch news about an outbreak of infectious disease, you may feel anxious and show signs of stress—even when the outbreak affects people far from where you live and you are at low or no risk of getting sick. These signs of stress are normal and may be more likely in people with loved ones in parts of the world affected by the outbreak. During an infectious disease outbreak, care for your own physical and mental health and reach out in kindness to those affected by the situation.

LACDMH has published its “Coping with Stress During Infectious Disease Outbreaks” flyer, which is available in the following languages: Arabic / Armenian / Chinese (Simplified) / Chinese (Traditional) / English / Farsi / Japanese / Khmer / Korean / Russian / Spanish / Tagalog / Vietnamese

County residents may also download and use apps to practice self-care and support wellbeing on their mobile devices. A list of suggested apps is available in our Your Wellbeing on Your Terms” brochure.

LACDMH’s 24/7 Access Line at (800) 854-7771 is also available to provide mental health support, resources and referrals.

Resources for Coping with Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Resources for Community and Peer Support


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Resources for General Mental Health Management


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