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The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (LACDMH) takes a collaborative and inclusive approach to understanding community priorities and improving services.  Our community-driven partnership — known as YourDMH — connects various stakeholder groups and provides ongoing opportunities for input.  Together, we are working towards a shared goal of hope, recovery and wellbeing across the County.

Why is community engagement so important?

Your input makes LACDMH better.  The YourDMH partnership, which ensures that community voices are heard, is part of the department’s ongoing reform effort to strengthen all aspects of our work including services as well as policies, program designs, information technology supports, quality monitoring activities and more.

How is community stakeholder engagement structured?

Community voices are represented in every group involved in YourDMH.  At the highest level, YourDMH brings together the County’s Mental Health Commission and the Community Leadership Team.

For information about our stakeholder groups and how you can participate, check out our Get Involved With YourDMH flyer (English / Spanish).

To learn more about — or get involved with — YourDMH, please email


Updated: 3/14/2024