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Service Area 7 Peer Resource Center (SA7 PRC) Brochures
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Welcome to the Service Area 7 Peer Resource Center (SA7 PRC). Our team prides itself on providing hope and support to our communities through understanding, compassion, and dedication.  The SA7 PRC strongly believes that best way to understand the community is to be in the community, therefore, we bring our services to our local parks, community centers, libraries, and other community-based organizations to facilitate accessibility.   

  • What is the SA7 PRC?
    The SA7 PRC is a safe place for all community members to feel understood and supported. The SA7 PRC is wherever a team member is found, and a need is expressed.
  • Who is a Peer / Community Member?
    A Peer / Community Member can be an individual with lived experience, a family member of an individual with lived experience, or someone who lives with a mental health condition. A Peer / Community Member is not defined by age, gender, or race, and can be a member of the community, a neighbor, a friend, or a family member.  

Our services are based on the needs of our communities and have been developed to address those needs expressed to us during community outreach or our advisory board meeting. The SA7 PRC is committed to providing our community with multiple options to access support and invite you to consider the following:   

Reach Out:
For more information about our PRC, to schedule a visit, or request our engagement in your community please email: 

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Service Area 7 Peer Resource Center
6330 Rugby Avenue Suite 200,  Google Maps Link
Huntington Park CA 90255
Phone: 323-705-5992
Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.