Coffee With a Side of Healing Podcast

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Service Area 7 understands that in these difficult times it is of the upmost importance to continue engaging and supporting our communities. Coffee with a Side of Healing was conceptualized by our peer leadership group, and has now become our nontraditional approach to keeping our community connected and informed by producing a monthly podcast which will bring focused information on resources, community events, changes in our service area and over all information as it relates to mental health services in service Area 7.

Service Area 7 invites you to visit this page every month and listen in the comfort of your own home, residence, automobile, our anyplace you feel comfortable.
Episode will be listed as they are uploaded on the right side of this page.

If you wish to be part of, contribute in any way our would like to learn more about Service Area 7’s Coffee with a Side of Healing please contact.

Contact Information: 

Coffee With a Side of Healing Facilitator: Jaime Gomez