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The foundation of Full Service Partnership (FSP) is doing “whatever it takes” to help individuals on their path to recovery and wellness. Full Service Partnerships embrace client-driven services and supports with each client choosing services based on individual needs. Unique to FSP programs are a low staff-to-client ratio, a 24/7 crisis availability and a team approach that is a partnership between mental health staff and consumers.

LACDMH provides a range of FSP programs and services designed for Children (0-15) and Young Adult (16-20), Adult (21+), Older Adult (60+) who reside in Los Angeles County.

Children/Young Adults who are Eligible: A Child/Young Adult with a Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED) and may not have responded well to traditional outpatient mental health and/or psychiatric rehabilitation services or those individuals who have incurred high costs related to acute psychiatric hospitalization or long-term care.

Adults/Older Adults who are Eligible: Adults ages 21 and above years old with a serious mental and persistent mental illness that results in difficulty functioning and are interested in participating in a program designed to address their emotional, physical, and living situation needs.

If you need to consult on a case you are considering referring or would like more clarity on qualifications or services offered through FSPs, please reach out to our Service Area 7 FSP Navigators.

Contact Information: 

Child/ Yong Adult FSP Navigator: Cheryl Lopez | | (213) 798-2458
Adult/ Older Adult FSP Navigator: Alicia Ibarra | | (213) 842-4731
SA7 eFAX (213) 402-2309 |

Adult Full-Service Partnership Referral Form (age 21+) Brochure

Child/Young Adult Full-Service Partnership Referral Form (age 0-20) Brochure