Implementation and Outcomes Division

The MHSA Implementation and Outcomes Division oversees the implementation and ongoing programs funded by the Mental Health Services Act. The unit works with MHSA lead managers to create service uniformity across programs serving all age groups and across the eight Service Areas, including overseeing the development and refinement of guidelines for FSP programs. The Division also prepares quarterly reports to the State Department of Mental Health, among others, on the status MHSA-funded programs. Finally, the unit manages MHSA outcomes data collection, including providing training on the use of the DMH Outcomes Measures Application (OMA), OMA reports development and analyses, technical assistance to OMA users and DMH MHSA lead managers on OMA use, data and reports, and ongoing communication for OMA users on OMA updates and reports.

MHSA Program Outcome Reports

The Outcome Measures Application (OMA) is the method by which Los Angeles County is collecting data on clients enrolled in FSP, FCCS, PEI services.  Below are links that will direct you to outcomes collected from out directly operated clinics and contract providers.

For more information on the OMA and FSP outcomes, click on the link below

FSP Program Outcome Reports

Full Service Partnerships (FSPs) is one component of MHSA programs offered by Los Angeles County to track the effectiveness of Full Service Partnerships (FSPs), data outcomes are collected on a regular basis from directly operated clinics and contract provider sites, and have become a crucial piece in improving Los Angeles County’s MHSA FSP programs.

For questions about FSP Outcomes, please e-mail:

PEI Client Outcome Reports

Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) targets clients either prior to the onset of or early in the course of a medical illness.  All PEI services have an evident-base to them.  To track the effectiveness of PEI, data are collected prior to and at the end of treatment.

Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)

Managing and Adapting Practice (MAP)

Triple P

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Service Area Advisory Committees (SAAC)
For the purpose of planning and operation, Los Angeles County is divided into eight Service Areas.  Each Service Area has a Service area Advisory Committee (SAAC).  Each SAAC functions as a local forum of consumers, families, service providers and community representatives to provide the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (DMH) with information, advice and recommendations regarding:

  • * The functioning of local service systems
  • * The mental health service needs of their geographic area
  • * The most effective/efficient use of available resources
  • * The maintenance of two-way communication between the DMH and various groups and geographic communities

For questions or comments please contact the SAAC Administrative team at or Cheryl Peterson at (213) 251-6827.

Outcome Measures Application (OMA)

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For Questions about the MHSA Implementation and Outcomes Division please contact:
Debbie Innes-Gomberg, Ph.D., Deputy Director (213) 738-2868.