Workforce Education and Training


The Mental Health Services Act, adopted by the California electorate on November 2, 2004, creates a new permanent revenue source, administered by the California State Department of Mental Health (SDMH), for the transformation and delivery of mental health services provided by State and County agencies and requires the development of integrated plans. Workforce Education and Training (WET) is one of the five components of MHSA which supports the broad continuum of Community Services and Supports (CSS), Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI), Capital Facilities, Technology and Innovation. More specifically, MHSA-WET addresses the fundamental concepts of creating and supporting a workforce (both present and future) that is culturally competent, provides client/family driven mental health services, and adheres to wellness, recovery and resilience values.

The Plan was developed in collaboration with the WET Ad Hoc Committee (representatives from the MHSA stakeholders and community based organizations providing public mental health services, educational institutions, consumer and parent/family advocacy organizations) and Los Angeles County DMH programs and administration. Twenty-two action plans outline the manner MHSA workforce education and training elements are to be implemented system wide.  In accordance with MHSA, the County of Los Angles submitted the MHSA-WET Plan on October 15, 2008. Two additional revisions to the MHSA-WET Plan were forwarded to the State Department of Mental Health: 1) December 16, 2008 Exhibit #3 Workforce Needs Assessment and Exhibit #4 Work Detail; and 2) April 2, 2009 Budget outline for all twenty-two (22) plans. The Plan was approved on April 8th, 2009.

Below is a direct link to the approved MHSA WET Plan: