Outreach & Engagement

Outreach and Engagement (O&E) is a vital component of the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA), which aims to inform the public about MHSA programs and services, garner community input, and integrate feedback into the O&E planning process. O&E activities focus on reaching a wide diversity of backgrounds and perspectives represented throughout the county, with a special emphasis on unserved, underserved, inappropriately served and hard-to-reach populations. O&E creates an infrastructure that supports partnerships with schools, community-based agencies, faith-based organizations, historically disenfranchised communities, and other county departments.

The O&E Team provides ongoing support to Service Area Leadership Teams (SALT) and ensures the participation of consumers, family members, advocates and members of underserved communities in MHSA planning and implementation, thereby increasing access to mental health services.  During the fiscal year of 2013-2014, the O&E Team outreached to over 20,000 consumers and family members which surpassed the program’s target of reaching 18,000 persons. In the past year, the O&E Team presented and disseminated MHSA information at the LGBTQ Fair, Annual Korean Festival, Annual Empowerment Congress, Annual Care Harbor Event, Stepping In Conference, the Health and Wellness Expo, the SALT meetings, local schools and colleges, community events/meetings, faith-based organizations, and a series of orientation trainings provided to parents, consumers, caregivers, and family members.

O&E Coordinators and Community Workers are staffed in the eight Service Areas. If you are interested in services or would like an informational presentation in your area, please click the link below to locate the O&E contact for your Service Area.



MHSA Implementation and Outcomes Division:

Kara Taguchi
Mental Health Clinical Program Head
(213) 251-6818

Robin Ramirez
Outreach and Engagement Program Liaison
(213) 251-6832