MHSA Funding for the Developmentally Disabled

From the State Department of Developmental Services (DDS) website:

The Mental Health Services Act (MHSA), approved by voters in November 2004, assists counties and state agencies by providing increased funding, personnel, and other resources to support county mental health programs and monitor progress toward statewide goals for children, transition age youth (TAY), adults, older adults and families.

DDS began receiving ongoing MHSA funds in 2008-09 for regional centers to develop and oversee innovative projects. DDS distributes MHSA funds to regional centers in three-year cycles, utilizing a competitive application process. Project priorities are established and project selection is conducted in collaboration with key stakeholders. Only regional centers can apply for MHSA funding; however, they must work in partnership via subcontracts with local systems of care such as county mental health, private mental health agencies, alcohol/other drug services, educational entities, and/or other RCs.

California MHSA (Mental Health Services Act) Funding to Regional Centers
This link goes to the CA DDS webpage that describes current and past funded projects

  • MHSA Cycle VI Guidelines for Applications FY 2023/24 through 2025/26
  • MHSA Cycle V Grantees:
    • South Central Los Angeles Regional Center
      • Children’s Collaborative Mental Health Project
        In partnership with Kendren Community Mental Health Center, the project will provide person-centered mental health assessment and referrals to consumers ages 10-17 that are dually diagnosed or at risk of developing a mental disorder. This project will:

        • Provide support and intervention for children who have mental health symptoms to improve resilience and well-being;
        • Offer training to service coordinators, community clinicians, and school educators on how to identify and better serve individuals with dual diagnosis; and
        • Increase parental knowledge about concepts in mental health and psychoeducation
      • Area served:  South Central Los Angeles
      • Project Amount Awarded:
        FY2020-2021: $162,904
        FY2021-2022: $206,860
        FY2022-2023: $213,520

Last updated: 4/5/23