Service Area Leadership Team 3 (SALT 3)

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Service Area 3 and LACDMH, invite you to join them second Thursday of every month, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. for the Service Area Leadership Team Meeting 3 (SALT 3). Hosted by team co-chair Lavon Robinson, Liaisons Jaime Renteria, and Vickie Xu. SALT 3 is intended to bring together Service Area 3’s community members and local providers in an effort to nourish the following key points.

A community-driven process that engages a large, multicultural and diverse San Gabriel Valley population towards a shared goal of hope, recovery, and wellbeing.

To produce stakeholder priorities which will advise the Department of Mental Health’s Action Plan toward the development and improvement of its services and partnerships.


  • Collaboration: Service Area 3 Leadership-San Gabriel Valley stakeholders will work together towards common goals by partnering with the community, including culturally isolated groups and marginalized community members, through sharing knowledge and building consensus.
  • Dedication: Service Area 3 Leadership-San Gabriel Valley will work towards improving the lives of our clients and diverse communities erasing the stigma of mental illness.
  • Respect: Service Area 3 Leadership-San Gabriel Valley recognizes the uniqueness of every individual, including cultural differences, and treat all people in a way that affirms their person worth, with dignity and professionalism.
  • Communication:  Service Area 3 Leadership-San Gabriel Valley will ensure information is communicated orally and written, shared and used in a mindful manner to increase engagement, transparency and trust.
  • Transparency: Service Area 3 Leadership-San Gabriel Valley will openly convey their ideas, decisions, and outcomes to ensure trust throughout all levels of the SAAC.
  • Integrity: Service Area 3 Leadership-San Gabriel Valley will conduct selves professionally and in the highest regard.
  • Accountability/Responsibility: Service Area 3 Leadership-San Gabriel Valley will take responsibility for choices made and the outcome.
  • Excellence/Commitment: Service Area 3 Leadership-San Gabriel Valley will embrace the highest personal, organizational, professional, and clinical standards to commit to achieving the standards by continually improving every aspect of performance.

Support opportunities to implement the latest advancements in research and technology to improve service delivery (Face Time, UNIPER, VRI, Skype, etc.)
2. Expand the number of bilingual API clinicians who speak Mandarin, Cantonese, and Vietnamese languages.
3. Organize events for May is Mental Health Awareness Month which addresses stigma and suicide prevention.

Meeting schedule: Every second Thursday of every month
Time: 2 – 4 p.m.
Location: Virtual via Microsoft Meeting our event calendar.

Contact Information:

SALT 3 Co-Chair: Lavon Robinson

SALT 3 Co-Chair: Sophia Rodriguez

SA 3 Primary SALT Liaison: Jaime Renteria

SA 3 Back-up SALT Liaison: Vickie Xu

Contact SALT 3
Call/text: 626-430-2935

Additional information is also available in the SALT 3 Brochure.