Family Assistance Program

On July 9, 2019, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors established the Family Assistance Program (FAP) to support families following an in-custody death or fatal use of force while in custody of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD). The goal of this program is to improve compassionate communication and provide trauma-informed support to families who lose a loved one following a fatal use of force or a death associated with an officer/deputy-involved use of force. The Family Assistance Program consists of trained Family Assistance Advocates (FAA) who receive and respond to incidents concerning Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department officer involved shootings 24/7. These shooting may take place in custody or in community, hospital, or jail settings. FAAs support families, friends and witnesses impacted by such incidents and provide relevant mental health services, burial costs and other services when needed.

Los Angeles County’s Family Assistance Program’s mission is to provide trauma-informed responses, services and support to families and friends and witnesses to the incident following an in custody death or fatal use of force.

What we do

  • Notify families of the death of a loved one in an officer involved shooting
  • Address affected families’ and community’s trauma by early identification of mental health needs
  • Decrease severity of risk factors
  • Link affected individuals with needed mental health services and supportive services e.g. faith based services and other social services as needed
  • Communicate and answer families’ questions regarding the aftermath of an in-custody death and ensure families are given timely, coordinated and respectful information, including information about the investigative process
  • Provide Psychological First Aid, Grief Counseling, Case Consultation to affected families
  • Provide families with burial expenses if needed

Who we work with

We collaborate with other professionals from various agencies such as; Los Angeles County Sheriffs’ Department’s Homicide Bureau, Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner, Office of Inspector General, Auditor Controller and many other entities to support and benefit the individual (s) experiencing trauma due to the death of a family member or friend in an officer involved shooting.


FAP Flyer

FAP Application Form

For questions, you may email the Family Assistance Program at or call 213-738-4924

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