Therapeutic Behavioral Services

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TBS is an intensive, individualized, one-to-one behavioral mental health service available to children/youth with serious emotional challenges and their families, who are under 21 years old and have full-scope Medi-Cal.

The following lists the eligibility criteria for TBS services:

  • Child/Youth is placed in a group home facility of RCL 12 or above or in a locked treatment facility for the treatment of mental health needs; or
  • Child/Youth is being considered by the county for placement in a facility described above; or
  • Child/Youth has undergone at least one emergency psychiatric hospitalization related to his/her current presenting mental health diagnosis within the preceding 24 months; or
  • Child/Youth has previously received TBS while a member of the certified class; or
  • Child/youth is at risk of psychiatric hospitalization.

For more information, contact Scott Tommey Ph.D., or at (213) 739-2396.

Community Resources

EPSDT_TBS Brochure (English) | EPSDT_TBS Brochure (Spanish)

Los Angeles County TBS Provider Directory

TBS Referral Form

Provider Resources

TBS Documentation Manual

TBS Coordination of Care Manual

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