Individual Placement and Support (IPS) – Supported Employment

Individual Placement and Support (IPS) – Supported Employment model is an evidence-based practice that helps individuals with mental disorders find and keep competitive employment.

The model emphasizes the following characteristics:

  • Practitioners focus on client strengths
  • Work promotes wellness and recovery
  • Practitioners work in collaboration with state vocational rehabilitation
  • Use of a multidisciplinary team approach
  • Services are individualized and long-lasting
  • The IPS approach changes the way mental health services are delivered

The model utilizes the following practice principles in order to achieve successful outcomes for clients:

  • Focus on Competitive Employment
  • Eligibility Based on Client Choice
  • Integration of Rehabilitation and Mental Health Services
  • Attention to Client Preferences
  • Personalized Benefits Counseling
  • Rapid Job Search
  • Systematic Job Development
  • Time-Unlimited and Individualized Support

In addition to the model’s key characteristics and practicing principles, an integral part of the model’s service delivery involves the use of an Employment Specialist. The Employment Specialist plays a critical role in supporting the IPS model by assisting clients with obtaining and maintaining employment that is consistent with their vocational goals.

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