CalWORKS Family Stabilization

The Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) CalWORKs Family Stabilization (FS) program provides intensive case management support and access to services and resources to eligible CalWORKs families who are experiencing a crisis or situation that makes it difficult for them to participate in GAIN Welfare-to-Work (W-t-W) activities. DPSS offers short-term FS services to both adults and children in the family.

Families participate in an in-depth screening process with their DPSS GAIN Services Worker (GSW), to identify any barriers or challenges the family may be experiencing. If the family is eligible and agrees to enroll in the FS program, the family is assigned to a FS GSW, and is assisted with developing strategies to address their unique barriers.  Examples of circumstances that may qualify someone for the FS program may include: mental health or substance abuse issues, physical health issues, homelessness or being at risk of homelessness, domestic violence, safety concerns, child-related concerns, legal issues, and employment related needs.

CalWORKs Family Stabilization Counseling for Kids (CFSC4Kids) Program

Families enrolled in the FS program with a child(ren) who are experiencing mental health and/or behavioral issues may be referred to a CalWORKs Family Stabilization Counseling for Kids (CFSC4Kids) mental health provider in their community. There are a total of eight (8) LACDMH directly-operated clinics, one in each Service Planning Area, authorized to provide CFSC4Kids mental health supportive treatment services.

The focus of CFSC4Kids mental health treatment services is to address the symptoms and/or behaviors that the minor is exhibiting which impacts the parent/caregiver’s ability to participate in W-t-W activities. In reaching the goal of treatment services to help support the child to learn ways to cope with identified mental health challenges/behaviors, the following services are provided:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Parenting education and coaching
  • Crisis intervention
  • Rehabilitation services to help develop social and communication skills
  • Case management support
  • Medication evaluation and management, as needed

CalWORKs Family Stabilization Care Coordinator Program

LACDMH licensed psychiatric social workers, called Care Coordinators, are co-located full-time at two GAIN offices to assist DPSS FS GSWs and CalWORKs families enrolled in the FS Program.  The Care Coordinators work collaboratively with FS GSWs to screen for and identify participants’ barriers to employment, and make linkages to services to address those barriers. The Care Coordinators provide the following supportive services:

  • Assist FS families to address their identified barrier(s) to employment through engagement, education, screening and linkage to various community resources
  • Provide brief therapeutic interventions for participants in crisis
  • Collaborate with DPSS staff to help develop participants’ FS W-t-W plans
  • Provide psychoeducation, consultation and training to DPSS staff about mental health related issues
  • Educate the community about the CalWORKs population and their resource/service needs
  • Engage in resource development to promote community relationships and obtain resources for CalWORKs families