General QA (including non-IBHIS related training) & Certification Questions:

  • Each Service Area (SA) has its own QA/QI Liaison, QA Lead and QI Lead to direct questions to: QA-QI Contacts by Service Area
  • Each SA has its own Quality Improvement Committee (QIC) that holds regularly scheduled meetings.

Directly Operated Provider Questions on IBHIS (including trainings)

  • Contractors with questions related to IBHIS must submit a HEAT ticket

Submission of Provider File Adjustment Requests (PFAR): Medi-Cal

Duplicate IBHIS Merges and Corrections/Updates to Client Information (Name, Date of Birth, Soc. Sec No.)

Release of Protected Health Information (PHI)

Subpoenas for Client Records/Deposition Personal Appearance/Testimony

Access to Care (including SRL or SRTS)

Network Adequacy (NAPPA)

Mental Health Professional Licensing Waivers –