QA Bulletins

21-02: Access to Care Expectations & Reminders

21-01: Revised Beneficiary Handbook           Mental Health Plan – Beneficiary Handbook

20-08: Guide to Procedure Code Changes        Procedure Code Changes FAQs

20-07: PAVE Portal & Medi-Cal Rx Web Portal Enrollment           PAVE FAQs

20-06: TCM Needs Evaluation

20-05: ICC, IHBS, TBS Services           Pre-Authorization for IHBS/TBS/TFC FAQs

20-04: QAQI Meeting

20-03: Updates to the Included & Allowable ICD-10-CM Diagnoses Lists

20-02: Co-Occurring Mental Health & Substance Use Disorders – Documentation and Claiming Reminders

20-01: Provision of SMHS During COVID-19

19-04: New Guide to Procedure Codes

19-03: CANS/PSC Update

19-02: CANS/PSC Implementation

19-01: Psychological Testing Procedure Code Changes

18-11: Included Diagnosis Update

18-10: Co-Practitioner Updates for Directly Operated Providers

18-09: Update MAA Manual

18-08: Timely Access to Care 

18-07: Updates Regarding MAT 

18-06: Network Adequacy Submission and Guidance 

18-05: Medical Necessity and PEI

18-04: Documentation Reminders for Group

18-03: New Quality Assurance Requirements for Directly Operated Programs 

18-02: Final Rule: Network Adequacy

18-01: Updates Related to Co-Practitioners 

17-21: COS Updates

17-20: MFT PCC Title Change

17-19: Claiming for Record Review

17-18: Notice of Action (NOA) Letters A & E

17-17: Org Manual Updates ICC IHBS

17-16: Org Manual Updates Based on DHCS Info Notice

17-15: PA and Advanced Practice Pharmacists Added to A Guide to Procedure Codes

17-14: Org Manual Updates

17-13: Determining if a Treatment Service is Billable to Medi-Cal SMHS

17-12: COS Manual Updates 

17-11: Crisis Stabilization Lockouts MHSA Funding

17-10: Client Treatment Plan Reminders

17-09: Services Prior to the Completion of the Assessment 

17-08: Claiming for Travel Time 

17-07: Diagnosing Using DSM5

17-06: New Legal Entity Chart Review Process 

17-05: Updates Included Dx Lists 

17-04: Expansion of ICC IHBS

17-03: Non-Billable & Never-Billable to Medi-Cal Procedure Codes Added to a Guide to Procedure Codes (Applies to IBHIS Only)

17-02: New Outcome Measurement Procedure Code 

17-01: Access to Care & Service Request Log Reminders, Updates, and Clarification 

16-09: Organizational Provider’s Manual Updates – Included Diagnoses List 

16-08: Revisions to the Guide to Procedure Codes 

16-07: ICD-10-CM Updates 

16-06: Community Outreach Services (COS)

16-05: DHCS Chart Review Findings & Timelines for Plans of Correction 

16-04: Organizational Providers Manual Updates

16-03: Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Chart Audi 

16-02: Chart Audit 

16-01: Service Verification 

15-08: ICD10& DSM5 Updated FAQs 

15-07: Medi-Cal Lockouts: CI and MSS

15-06: ICD10 & DSM5 FAQs 

15-05: Multiple Practitioners Providing a Single Service 

15-04: Organizational Provider’s Manual Revisions/Updates

15-03: Accurately Reflecting Services

15-02: New 90792 & Inactivation of M0064

15-01: Filling Out Forms and Writing Reports 

14-06: New QA Process Requirements for LE Contract Providers 

14-05: Organizational Providers Manual Updates

14-04: IBHIS Addendum Guide to Service & Procedure Codes 

14-03: Service Request Log Updates: Using the Service Request Tracking System 

14-02: Policy 104.09, Organizational Providers Manual Updates and Inactivation of SFPR/Coordination Page/Discharge Summary

14-01: Plan Development

13-06: Service Request Log & Beneficiary Acknowledgment of Receipt 

13-05: Authorized Registered Nurses 

13-04: Intensive Care Coordination (ICC) and Intensive Home Based Services (IHBS)

13-03: Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCCs)

13-02: Revised Guide to Procedure Codes

13-01: Senate Bill 1407: New Provision re Release/Access of Minor’s Mental Health Records

12-08: Changes to Procedure Codes Effective January 1, 2013 

12-07: New Guide to Quality Assurance Chart Review Requirements for DO Programs

12-06: Documentation Changes Based on the New State Contract

12-05: New Quality Assurance Division Leads 

12-04Updates to the Guide to Procedure Codes

12-03PEI CORS and Other Short Term EBPs: Completing Assessments and Client Care Plans

12-02HIPAA 5010 Compliance

12-01Procedure Code Update: Inactivation of 99361/99362 & Expansion of H0032

11-09New QA E-mail Address 

11-08Medi-Cal Lockouts & MHSA Funding

11-07New Minor Consent for Mental Health Services Law

11-06Evidence-Based Practice and Service Strategy Codes

11-05Top Five FAQ’s About Writing Objectives on the CCCP 

11-04Staff Taxonomy Status Updates

11-03Documentation & Claiming Reminders Based on Chart Reviews 

11-02Group Claiming 

11-01 New Procedure Codes: Oral Administration of Medications & Medication Injections

10-02California Code of Regulation Changes which Alter the State DMH Audit Appeal Process

10-01Wraparound Providers Only-Procedure Code Changes 

9-11Changes to Information Required for a Claim Implemented Upon the Start of SD/MC II Claiming

09-10Changes in Procedure Codes for SD/MC II 

09-09Recording and Reporting a Mental Health Diagnosis 

09-08Services & Claims to Medi-Cal During the Assessment Period

09-07Opening Date for Episodes

09-06Update Regarding Procedure Codes Available under the MAT-DCFS and MAT-DMH Plans

09-05Updating Substance Use/Abuse Diagnoses and Dual Diagnosis Codes

09-04Clinical Audits by State DMH 

09-03Revision Organizational Provider’s Manual Chapter 1 CCCP

09-02Los Angeles County DMH ESPDT Audit Providers Having Records Audited

09-01EPSDT Audit Los Angeles County Legal Entity #19

08-05Claiming Changes Short-Doyle/Medi-Cal Quality Assuranc

08-3Targeted Case Management Bulletin for Short-Doyle/Medi-Cal Providers 

08-2aGuidelines for Transferring/Managing Client and Claim Information When a Client Moves From One DMH Provider to Another DMH Provider Within the Same Legal Entity

08-2Guidelines for Transferring/Managing Client and Claim Information When a Client Moves From One DMH Provider to Another DMH Provider

08-1Targeted Case Management Documentation and Claiming Changes

07-2Procedure Codes Alert: Inappropriate Claiming of Outpatient Services When Client is in a 24-hour Facility

07-1Procedure Codes Alert: Accurate Usage of Individual Psychotherapy Versus Individual Rehabilitation

06-1Procedure Codes Alert: Medication Support Code Definitions Modified