LACDMH participates in a variety of communication campaigns and partnerships to educate and empower the public on mental health and its related issues, including substance use disorders, homelessness, social justice, cultural competency, suicide prevention, trauma-informed care and health equity.

Our current and recent campaigns include:

WE RISE / Why We Rise

WE RISE is a festival of art and community building, uniting Angelenos’ collective efforts to stand up and help create a city, state, nation and world that fosters empowerment of health and wellbeing as a civil right. Through powerful programming, live performances, immersive workshops, inspiring wellness events and a world-class art exhibition, WE RISE aims to manifest an era where youth are supported to reach their fullest potential and our communities can thrive.

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Change Direction

The goal of the Campaign to Change Direction is to change the culture of mental health in America so that all of those in need receive the care and support they deserve. The Campaign encourages all Americans to pay attention to their emotional well-being – and it reminds us that our emotional well-being is just as important as our physical well-being.

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Profiles of Hope

Our Emmy-winning film series, Profiles of Hope, promotes an anti-stigma message for those diagnosed with mental illness.

We seek the stories of high-profile personalities, willing to share their experiences and struggles with mental illness, substance abuse, or any challenge they encountered to their emotional “wellness.”

The Profiles of Hope project shows just how common it is for individuals and families to suffer the stigma of a mental illness, and how important it is to reach out to a compassionate community.

Profiles of Hope videos and PSAs are viewable on our YouTube channel.