24 Hour Residential Programs


Subacute facilities provide long term care for individuals who no longer meet criteria for acute care but are not clinically ready to live independently or in a board and care facility. Subacute facilities provide 24/7 psychiatric care, nursing care, and psychosocial rehabilitation services, geared to the needs of individuals with serious mental illness who are placed under Lanterman-Petris-Short (LPS) conservatorship. Subacute is a locked setting level of care. Providers may submit a referral for this level of care as soon as the LPS application is filed.


Enriched Residential Services (ERS) is designed to provide comprehensive mental health and rehabilitative services in a non-institutional residential setting for individuals 18 and older, who would be at risk of hospitalization, re-hospitalization or other institutional placement if they were not in the ERS program. ERS program accommodates persons discharged from a locked subacute, acute psychiatric inpatient units, jails, or intensive residential facilities at risk of needing higher level of care. ERS program targets individuals in higher levels of care who require on-site mental health and supportive services. ERS is an open setting level of care .ERS focuses on life skills training, linkage and community engagement activities that support individuals in their effort to restore, maintain and apply interpersonal and independent living skills and to access community support systems. ERS program aims to stabilize, prepare, and transition individuals to a stable independent community living environment.


Crisis Residential Treatment Program is an intensive short-term and structured residential program served as an alternative to hospitalization for clients experiencing an acute psychiatric crisis or episode who do not have medical complications requiring nursing care. Length of stay ranges from 14 days and up to a maximum of 90 days. Services are provided in a non-institutional residential setting with the purpose of restoring, improving and/or preserving client’s prior living arrangements with independent skills, and access to support systems within the community.

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