OMA Troubleshooting Matrix

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Issue Error Solution
1 The OMA is telling me that I can’t enter my Baseline because the client is open somewhere else. What can I do to get my assessments in? It sounds like another agency has started entering outcomes for this client and they have not finished entering them. You need to figure which agency that is and ask them to close their outcomes so that you can enter them.


  1. Check the Program, Baseline or other assessments for the Provider Number.
  2. If you know that provider, call them and ask them to complete the outcomes data entry.
  3. If you don’t know them, check the OMA Provider Roster.
  4. If you don’t see them there, check the Provider Central


If the provider is not cooperating in completing their outcomes, please contact FSP Administration or the OMA Staff for assistance. However, we ask that you make a few attempts with that provider before recruiting the assistance of DMH Staff. If a few attempts have been made and you have been unsuccessful in getting that agency to complete their outcomes, we will step in to assist in the process.

2 I am trying to enter FSP outcomes for a client, and I’m getting an error message that reads “Partnership Error.” How do I find and fix that error? One of the changes we made with the last upgrade to OMA is the “Partnership Checker,” which is a behind-the-scenes validation to make sure the client’s record makes sense. Some things that users used to get away with (like multiple disenrollments, or assessments out of order) are now stopping users because of this Checker.

To get a Partnership Error fixed, call the Help Desk and report the client ID, Reporting Unit, and the fact that you got a Partnership Error. We will investigate and help you fix that error. Help Desk: 213-351-1335.

3 I have a client who keeps appearing on the 3 Month Tickler, even though they were disenrolled a long time ago. The discontinued client keeps appearing on the 3Month Tickler because the KEC to discontinue the client was likely created before the validation was put in place to terminate the program.  You will need to submit a DCR providing the inactive date and requesting that the inactive date be entered.

You are getting this error message because the Partnership Date you are trying to enter is before the date of the client’s program effective date in OMA.  The client’s program effective date is incorrect.  Verify with the IBHIS System the correct program effective date.


4 I have a client who has already been closed and I’m trying to add the Partnership Date because it’s blank.  I’m unable to because I’m getting error message: unable to access data, If this persists please contact the Help Desk. Submit a DCR requesting the following:


Request the client’s program effective date (provide date) be changed to the correct date.

Request that the Inactive date in the KEC be temporarily removed so you can enter the missing Partnership Date in the Baseline.

Enter the missing Partnership Date in the Baseline.

Once you’ve completed the above steps the inactive date will be added back.

5 I can log into the IBHIS, but how do I log into the OMA? Getting Access:

In order to request access to OMA you need to have a DMH employee number (E#), and if you work at contract site (as opposed to a Directly Operated Clinic) you will need to have a Contract Provider number (C#). If the above requirements is not, complete the Applications Access Form and email it in electronic Format to:


If you do not have a Contract Provider number (C#) the following forms are needed:

Application for Access Form:


Confidentiality Oath Form:


Downey Data Center Registration form (includes the County of Los Angeles Agreement for Acceptable Use form):


6 I accidentally started an assessment…how do I get rid of it? To delete an assessment, you need to file a Data Change / Deletion Request form.
7 There’s something on this assessment (like a date) that I am trying to change, but I don’t know how to change it! OMA won’t let me edit THAT.  

To change something on an assessment that you can’t get at, you need to file a Data Change / Deletion Request form.


8 OMA is telling me my Assessment Date is wrong! It won’t let me start my assessment at all. Check the Program Date Effective Date (on the Program tab): is it AFTER your Assessment Date? There’s your problem. You need to ask us to change the Program Effective Date for you.


To change something on an assessment that you can’t get at, you need to file a Data Change / Deletion Request form.


9 I can’t find one of my rendering providers on the drop-down list when I go to enter an assessment they did. How can I fix that? Are you sure you’re looking for the right number? The numbers in the drop down are the IS STAFF CODES: they are 7 characters long and combine letters and numbers.


A DMH Staff Code might be “E123456”, while other providers have other numbers: ENK8765 for Enki, or CII1234 for Children’s Institute for example. Many providers are looking for some other (internal) ID number…you need to use the Staff Code!


Is this a new provider? It could be that they haven’t been added to the system yet. Are they appearing in the Integrated System? If yes, please call in a ticket to the Help Desk: 213-351-1335.

10 The birth date (or address, ethnicity, primary language) for my client is all wrong in the OMA…but it’s right in the Integrated System. How do I fix it? OMA gets this information from IBHIS. If you update it in IBHIS, it will (eventually) get to the OMA. Sometimes this can take more than a couple of days. You cannot change it in the OMA…you have to change it in IBHIS.



11 When I try to create an assessment from the client’s record I get a message “Unable to get record: ” followed by a bunch of characters. This might be the same as problem 18: Check the Programs tab: do you have two active programs? You’ll probably need to file a Data Change/Deletion…contact the OMA Team to get some help if you need it.  
12 I can’t get the drop down menus in OMA _or_ I am having an “Unable to Access Data” issue. This may be because you are now using a newer version of Internet Explorer and it’s having a hard time communicating with OMA. IE has something called “Compatibility View” that will allow you to make OMA and your browser work together.