• CANS Outcome Measure Training The CANS is a structured assessment used for identifying youth and family actionable needs and useful strengths. It provides a framework for developing and communicating about a shared vision and uses youth and family information to inform planning, support decisions, and monitor outcomes. DMH has made the decision that providers will complete the CANS-IP.  This includes the items on the CANS 50 plus 12 yes/no questions for screening for trauma, and allows for the assessments of needs for multiple caregivers. It is completed through a collaborative process which includes children and youth ages 6 through age 20, and their caregivers (at a minimum). The CANS cannot be completed without being certified by Praed Foundation to administer the CANS. This also requires an annual recertification.
  • PSC-35 Outcome Measures Training The PSC-35 is a psychosocial screening tool designed to facilitate the recognition of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral problems so appropriate interventions can be initiated as early as possible. Parents/caregivers will complete PSC-35 (parent/caregiver version) for children and youth ages 3 through age 18.




FSP OMA Forms Training is for clinical teams and administrators who are responsible for filling out the client’s FSP Outcome forms (Baseline, Key Event Change, and Three Month).  The following programs collect data using the FSP OMA forms: Child, TAY, Adult and Older Adult FSP, Integrated Mobile Health Team (IMHT) FSP, Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) FSP including MIST clients, Forensic FSP (FFSP), and Wraparound Child and TAY FSP.

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FSP OMA Data Entry Training

FSP OMA Data Entry Training is for administrative data entry staff who are responsible for entering data from the paper FSP Outcome forms into the online OMA.

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  •  Outcomes Measure Training for Clinicians/Clinical Team Clinicians or clinical team members that will be administering, scoring or interpreting the PEI outcome questionnaires are the target audience for these trainings. We recommend EBP Leads, EBP Supervisors, and/or QA Research unit staff persons attend. Training on outcome questionnaires is required for all PEI EBPs.

***Prerequisite for trainings marked with asterisks: Please watch this 12-minute video entitled PEI What, When, and How by clicking the following link:

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PTSD-RI-5*** Wed, Aug 4, 2021 9:00am-12:00pm Online Click to Register Aug 3, 2021
TSCYC*** Tuesday, Nov 9, 2021 9:00am-12:00pm Online Click to Register Nov 8, 2021
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  • Data Entry Training for Clerical and Administrative Staff PEI Data Entry Training is intended for agency personnel who are responsible for entering PEI outcomes data in PEI OMA but EBP Leads, Supervisors, Data Entry Supervisors QA and Research staff persons may find the training helpful in developing strategies to ensure data entry is done correctly.
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begins 30 minutes prior to each training session.

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