Legal Entity Extracts

DMH is making all of your OMA data directly available to you through our new Legal Entity Extracts. You will be able to analyze and manipulate your own data.


This data will be made available to you in your Legal Entity folder (along with your Claims Data from the IS). In fact, retrieving it will use basically the same process as retrieving your Claims Data. If you don’t know how to access this information, check with the main billing/finance office at your legal entity. If NO ONE at your Legal Entity is receiving this data via EFT, you can learn about how to set that up right here:


Reports Committee


This data will only include data that your legal entity has provided. If you are looking for additional data on clients that was entered by other providers at other legal entities, you will need to contact those other providers.


One piece of advice: if you want to save historical data, you’ll need to download and save the files yourself on a weekly basis. DMH will not be keeping historical data: we will replace your data extracts with the latest version on a weekly basis.


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