PEI Implementation Guidelines

Implementation Guidelines

Since the State Mental Health Oversight and Accountability Commission’s(MHSOAC) approval of the L.A. County PEI Plan on August 27, 2009, the Department has been developing guidelines to assist in the implementation of the Pei Programs.

Claiming Guidelines
For PEI early intervention programs that qualify for Medi-Cal billing, providers must adhere to the same standards and billing codes as other Medi-Cal programs.  The Guide to Procedure Codes for Medi-Cal services can be found here:
These documents contain information on billing to the PEI Plan.

A Guide to Claiming PEI-EBP Services  Updated 02/22/16
Data Collection and Outcomes Guidelines
Every program implemented in the PEI Plan requires that data be collected and outcomes measured.  Protocols for data collection and outcomes are being developed.

PEI Outcome Measures 02.16.16
Overview PEI Outcomes Collections and Reporting Protocol 12.14.10
Overview PEI Outcomes Collections and Reporting Protocol Update 02.22.11
More PEI Outcomes Information


Training Guidelines
Guidelines to ensure fidelity and adherence to the EBP model and as well as to the PEI Plan are being developed.

PEI Training Protocols rev 06.29.22

PEI Implementation Handbook
The PEI Implementation Handbook will incorporate all of the policies, procedures and protocols for PEI programs into one resource guide.

MHSA PEI Implementation Handbook (rev. 05/15/2024)