The drop-down menu items below provide information about scholarships and other scholarship resources. Please visit periodically as resources on this page are updated on a regular basis.

General Scholarships

NCJW|LA’s Scholarship Program

ABC Law Centers Disability Advocacy Scholarship

Benjamin A. Gil International Scholarship

Culinary Arts Scholarship for Youth

Children’s Defense Fund: Beat the Odds 

College Scholarships for Students with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)

Fostering Educational Opportunities Foundation (FEOF)

Los Angeles County Commission on Disabilities Scholarship Program
Ruben Anthony Rios Creative Arts & Design Memorial Scholarship Program (no deadline yet)
Bernard Siegel & Bill Tainter Scholarship Program (no deadline yet)
Ernest T. Hamilton Scholarship Program for Veterans (no deadline yet)

LA County Commission for Women’s Resilience Scholarship Program
Since 1999 the Resilience Scholarship has provided women within Los Angeles County the support to achieve their educational goals. This scholarship serves as a supplemental resource designed to subsidize incidentals above and beyond those allowable expenses covered by federal and state financial aid. Please review the application for more details on what the scholarship covers and eligibility criteria.
Janet Elliot Mummey, Esq. 2020 Scholarship Application 

Shawn Carter Foundation