Urgent Care Centers & Crisis Resolution Services

Urgent Care Centers

  • Provide intensive crisis services to individuals who otherwise would be brought to emergency rooms;
  • Provide up to 23 hours of immediate care and linkage to community-based solutions;
  • Provide crisis intervention services, including integrated services for co-occurring substance abuse disorders;
  • Are geographically located throughout the County;
  • Focus on recovery and linkage to ongoing community services and supports that are designed to impact unnecessary and lengthy involuntary inpatient treatment.

Crisis Resolution Services

Services include:

  • Clinical Triage
  • Clinical and Case Management Assessments
  • Mental Health Crisis Intervention to divert utilization of inpatient services
  • Rapid psychiatry medication evaluation and prescription services
  • Resource coordination and linkage for housing, employment, benefits establishment
  • Mental Health Services including brief crisis intervention, and short-term mental health interventions using EBPs such as CBT, Motivational Interviewing, etc.
  • Peer and Family Intervention and Support Services
  • Clinical Outreach Services in collaboration with the PMRT as needed
  • Linkage/Access/Follow-up to additional Community Based Services
  • Currently operating in Downtown Los Angeles
  • Planned sites: Long Beach MHC, Palmdale MHC, Rio Hondo, MHC, Santa Clarita MHC, and West Valley MHC

Urgent Care Centers Overview


Adult Urgent Care Centers


Urgent Care Center Data for FY 15/16