WET Financial Incentive Programs


The recruitment incentive targets DMH Eligible Psychiatrist hired or appointed on or after January 1, 2018, who do not have any outstanding student loans. The amount of the incentive will be a one-time award of $50,000, consisting of a $25,000 payment following the completion of one year of continuous service in DMH, and an additional payment of $25,000 upon the completion of the second year of service.


The student loan repayment incentive provides funding to DMH Eligible Psychiatrist, regardless of their hire date, who have completed one year of continuous Qualifying Service and have existing unpaid graduate and medical student loans, a financial incentive to be applied towards the repayment of those loans. Each Eligible Psychiatrist will receive a maximum annual amount of $50,000 for a period of five years and a lifetime total of $250,000. The award is based on the actual amount owed and shall not exceed the outstanding loan balance during any period within the five years of eligibility. To apply, please fill out this claim form.


2nd Year Stipend Program

The 2nd Year Stipend Program provides 2nd year MSW, MFT, and Nurse Practitioner students with a $18,500 stipend in exchange for a one year commitment to work in a hard-to-fill/retain area of the County after graduation.

For more information regarding the 2nd Year Stipend Program, click here.

MHSA WET Stipend Programs
Loan Assumption / Repayment Programs
Mental Health Professional Shortage Area

In order for mental health staff to be eligible for the National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment Programs (see Loan Assumption/Repayment Programs above), employees must work in a Mental Health Professional Shortage Area (MHPSA).

To independently verify whether your site is located in a MHPSA, go HERE.   Note that expired designations, physical health and dentistry shortage areas are also listed.  The designation must be for the Mental Health Shortage Area and within 4 years of the designation date in order to be active for mental health loan awards. Within Los Angeles County, HERE is a current list of MHPSA designated areas and DMH directly operated NHSC designated sites.

If you would like assistance to determine whether or not your facility is located in a Health Professional Shortage Area, please contact the Office of Statewide Planning and Development (OSHPD) Shortage Designation Program at (916) 326-3700.

If you are interested in getting the area you are located in designated as a MHPSA, please contact us by E-mail.

National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Approved Site Application

Agencies located in a MHPSA must submit the NHSC Approved Site Application in order to become an eligible site for NHSC Federal Loan Repayment awarded recipients to work.

Follow this link to find Step-by-Step instructions for the NHSC Approved Site Application.