Stories of Impact Archive

Profiles of Hope 2016 Co-Founder Of Grammy Award-Winning Pop/Rap Group The Black Eyed Peas, Record Producer and Philanthropist 
Michelle Enfield: Navajo Transgender Activist and Advocate 
Suzanne Whang: Television Host, Actor, Comedian, Three-Time Breast Cancer Survivor 
Profiles of Hope 2013
Paris Barclay, Director
Mariel Hemingway, Actress and Author
Rick Springfield, Singer, Actor and Author

Social Inclusion PSAs
2012 Profiles of Hope 
Paris Barclay PSA
Mariel Hemingway PSA
Rick Springfield PSA

Profiles of Hope 2011
Maurice Benard, Actor
Clayton Chau, Psychiatrist and TV Host
Robert David Hall, Actor
Mariette Hartley, Actress and Author
Steve Peck, Veteran and Advocate
Mia St. John, Athlete

Social Inclusion Campaign

California’s voters passed Proposition 63 (Mental Health Services Act or MHSA) in the November 2004 General Election. MHSA represents a comprehensive approach to the development of community-based mental health services and supports for the residents of California. LACDMH is committed to creating inclusive communities as well as eliminating stigma and discrimination with regard to persons diagnosed with mental illnesses as dictated by the MHSA. The Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) plan, part of LACDMH’s new and innovative programming funded by MHSA, seeks to promote awareness and prevention of stigma associated with mental illness and provide a platform for social inclusion in our communities.

Profiles with a Purpose

High-profile personalities, experienced and passionate advocates in promoting hope, wellness and recovery, donated their time and talent to create the Profiles series. The series highlights individual struggles with mental illness; what was experienced in personal and family lives, how they coped and ultimately thrived. The testimonials encourage others to seek help, if needed, and ask the community to “re-think” traditional stereotypes about those suffering from mental illnesses, aiming to create open discussion about support and tolerance of those diagnosed with a mental illness.

One in four people are affected with symptoms of mental illness at some point in their lifetime. The Profiles of Hope project aims to show that anyone could be subject to the stigma a mental illness has traditionally carried and change their mind about how they support and view others with a diagnosis of mental illness. Studies have consistently shown that persons who get help earlier have better outcomes.

In addition to the ten-minute segments, individual Public Service Announcements (PSAs) were created to strengthen LACDMH’s message of hope, wellness and recovery within the community.