Open Solicitations

Request for Statement of Qualifications (RFSQ) for Mental Health Services Act (MHSA)
RFSQ No. DMH030719B1 (Open date: 03/07/2019 Close date: Open and Continuous)
Release memo – RFSQ MHSA (PDF format)
1. RFSQ – MHSA (PDF format)
2. Appendix A – Required Forms (Exhibits 1-14) (PDF format)
3. Appendix B – Transmittal Forms to Request a Solicitation Requirements Review (PDF format)
4. Appendix C – G – County Policies (PDF format)
5. Appendix H – Sample MHSA Master Agreement and MHSA MA Exhibits (A – L) (PDF format)
6. Appendix I – Background and Resources:  California Charities Regulation (PDF format)
7. Appendix J – Defaulted Property Tax Program (PDF format)
8. Appendix K – Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) Form (PDF format)
9. Addendum One – MHSA RFSQ Proposers’ Questions and Answers (PDF format)
9. Addendum Two – MHSA RFSQ (PDF format)
Request for Statement of Qualifications:  Project Management Services
Bid No. DMH110918B1 (Open date: 11/09/18 Close date: Open and Continuous)
1. RFSQ – Notification of Release (PDF format)
2. RFSQ – Project Management Services (PDF format)
3. RFSQ – Statement of Qualifications (Excel format) (PDF format)
4. RFSQ – Statement of Qualifications (Revision No. 1) (Excel format) (PDF format)
5. RFSQ – Appendices A – J (Required Forms) (Word format) (PDF format)
6. RFSQ – Appendix H – Sample Master Agreement (PDF format)
7. RFSQ – Exhibits for Sample Master Agreement (PDF format)
8. Addendum One (PDF format)
9. Addendum Two (PDF format)
10. Addendum Three (PDF format)
Request for Statement of Qualifications: Sign Language Interpreter Services
Bid No. DMH042209B1 (Open date: 04/22/09 Close date: Open and Continuous)
1. RFSQ – Sign Language Interpreter Services (PDF format)
2. RFSQ – Appendices A through I Required Forms (Word format) (PDF format)
3. RFSQ – Appendix J – Sample Master Agreement – Exhibits A through J (PDF format)
4. Addendum 1 (PDF format)
5. Addendum 2 (PDF format)
6. Addendum 3 (PDF format)
7. RFSQ Submittal Form SOQ Checklist – Attachment I (Word format) (PDF format)
8. RFSQ – Questions & Answers from the Proposers Conference (PDF format)