Open Solicitations

Request for Application (RFA) for Urgent Care Centers (UCC)
RFA No. DMH022718B1
(Open date: 12/02/19 Close Date: Open and Continuous)
1. RFA – Urgent Care Centers (PDF format)
2. Attachment A – UCC Application (PDF format)
3. Appendix A – UCC Sample Agreement (PDF format)
4. Appendix B – Statement of Work (PDF format)
5. Appendix C – SOW Technical Exhibit – 1 (PDF format)
6. Appendix C – SOW Technical Exhibit – 2 (PDF format)
7. Appendix D – Required Forms (PDF format)
8. Appendix F to L (PDF format)
9. Addendum One (PDF format)
10. Proposer’s Questions and Answers (PDF format)
11. Addendum Two (PDF format)
Request for Statement of Qualifications (RFSQ) for Mental Health Services Act (MHSA)
RFSQ No. DMH030719B1 (Open date: 03/07/2019 Close date: Open and Continuous)
Release memo – RFSQ MHSA (PDF format)
1. RFSQ – MHSA (PDF format)
2. Appendix A – Required Forms (Exhibits 1-14) (PDF format)
3. Appendix B – Transmittal Forms to Request a Solicitation Requirements Review (PDF format)
4. Appendix C – G – County Policies (PDF format)
5. Appendix H – Sample MHSA Master Agreement and MHSA MA Exhibits (A – L) (PDF format)
6. Appendix I – Background and Resources:  California Charities Regulation (PDF format)
7. Appendix J – Defaulted Property Tax Program (PDF format)
8. Appendix K – Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) Form (PDF format)
9. Addendum One – MHSA RFSQ Proposers’ Questions and Answers (PDF format)
10. Addendum Two – MHSA RFSQ (PDF format)
Request for Statement of Qualifications:  Project Management Services
Bid No. DMH110918B1 (Open date: 11/09/18 Close date: Open and Continuous)
1. RFSQ – Notification of Release (PDF format)
2. RFSQ – Project Management Services (PDF format)
3. RFSQ – Statement of Qualifications (Excel format) (PDF format)
4. RFSQ – Statement of Qualifications (Revision No. 1) (Excel format) (PDF format)
5. RFSQ – Appendices A – J (Required Forms) (Word format) (PDF format)
6. RFSQ – Appendix H – Sample Master Agreement (PDF format)
7. RFSQ – Exhibits for Sample Master Agreement (PDF format)
8. Addendum One (PDF format)
9. Addendum Two (PDF format)
10. Addendum Three (PDF format)
Request for Statement of Qualifications: Sign Language Interpreter Services
Bid No. DMH042209B1 (Open date: 04/22/09 Close date: Open and Continuous)
1. RFSQ – Sign Language Interpreter Services (PDF format)
2. RFSQ – Appendices A through I Required Forms (Word format) (PDF format)
3. RFSQ – Appendix J – Sample Master Agreement – Exhibits A through J (PDF format)
4. Addendum 1 (PDF format)
5. Addendum 2 (PDF format)
6. Addendum 3 (PDF format)
7. RFSQ Submittal Form SOQ Checklist – Attachment I (Word format) (PDF format)
8. RFSQ – Questions & Answers from the Proposers Conference (PDF format)