Contract Management and Monitoring Division

The Contract Management and Monitoring Division (CMMD) of DMH is tasked with providing oversight of the mental health services and supports provided under the Department’s Legal Entity (LE) and other unique Service Agreements.  Specifically, CMMD works with agencies to ensure that services under the LE and other unique Service Agreements are delivered effectively and efficiently while producing a measurable impact on the individuals, families, and communities of Los Angeles County and increasing access to care.  Oversight activities include: clinical programmatic monitoring (to ensure effective mental health services and supports are being delivered); fiscal and budget monitoring; and administrative monitoring.  CMMD is adopting a streamlined structure that prioritizes exceptional customer service and maximizes the use of technology for improving communication.


We envision a partnership with non-governmental agencies emphasizing a high level of integrity in responsibly expending public funds; driven by compassion in delivering diverse client, family and community focused services; supporting accountability in reporting priority outcomes; and demonstrating strength of excellence through a transparent, ethical, cost-effective, fully integrated continuum of care.


Our mission is to promote comprehensive, effective and efficient management of our network of providers to maximize fiscal strength, to continuously improve program performance, to foster open and honest communication, and to acknowledge exceptional high quality services to our clients and community.


  1. Communication and Technical Assistance: Provide timely communication and technical assistance to our providers, community, funding sources, government entities, and other partner organizations.
  2. Contract Management Policies and Procedures: Streamline and develop clear principles, policies and procedures governing DMH LE and other Service Agreements.
  3. Contract Monitoring: Conduct robust and transparent contract monitoring and enhanced risk management activities.
  4. Quality Program Services: Ensure continuous best value and high quality program services through timely access to care and an ever improving continuum of services.
  5. Contractor Evaluation and Outcomes: Improve provider performance through meaningful collaborative problem-solving, objective measures, and robust evaluation.


CMMD Deputy Director, Terri Boykins, LCSW,

Contract assignments are based on the service area in which LE headquarters are located: