Adopted Board Letters 2001-2003

Title Date
Cash Flow Loan Advance for the month of Jan. 2004 12/16/03
Renewal SDMH for Medi-Cal Specialty MH Services 12/16/03
Amendments with Medi-Cal Long Term Care Providers 12/9/03
Amendment No. 6 with EDS Corporation 12/9/03
Termination with Youth Intervention Program (YIP) 11/18/03
Amendment No. 3 with College Hospital-Cerritos 11/18/03
Appropriation Adjustment for FY 2000-2001 $5,727,000 11/12/03
Amendments with ALMA, Inc. and WRAP Family Services 11/12/03
Appropriation Adjustment for Short-Doyle/Medi-Cal Settlement 11/4/03
Receipt of SAMHSA for FY 03-04 11/4/03
Revised Published Charges for FY 03-04 10/28/03
Approval of 16 EPSDT Service Providers 10/21/03
Amendment No. 1 to MHA in LA County 10/21/03
Amendment No. 2 with CMHDA 10/21/03
Renewal with UCLA Neuropsychiatric and Behavioral Health Services 9/30/03
Acceptance of U.S. Dept. of Justice Office of Justice Programs Grant Award 9/16/03
Amendment No. 1 with Travelers Aid Society of Los Angeles 7/1/03
Policy Modification and Request for FY 02-03 Appropriate Adjustment for the Redirection of Tobacco funds to make SB90 Payments to Non-Governmental Agencies 7/1/03
Published Charges FY 2003-2004 6/24/03
Appropriation Adjustment for SB 90 to NGA 6/17/03
Amendment to Consultant Services with CIMH 6/17/03
Supersede 63 Legal Entity Agreements 6/17/03
Aspen Solutions, Inc. and Cinnamon Hills Youth Crisis Center, Inc. 6/17/03
Appropriation Adjustment Temporary Clerical and Psychiatrist Personnel Services 6/17/03
Appropriation Adjustment SB 90 to Out-of-State Agencies 6/17/03
Development of Westside Safe Haven by Ocean Park Community Center 6/17/03
Appropriation Adjustment START Program FY 02-03 6/17/03
Renewal 61 Legal Entity Agreements 6/10/03
Renewal Specialized Agreements 6/10/03
First Phase EPSDT 6/10/03
Florence Crittenton Services of Orange County, Inc 6/10/03
Renewal with Golden State Health Centers, Inc. 6/10/03
Agreement No. 02-72248-000 for State Hospital Beds 6/10/03
Receipt of Additional SAMHSA 6/10/03
Five Substance Abuse Service Providers 6/3/03
Renewal 27 MH Services Fee-For-Services Medi-Cal Psychiatric Inpatient Hospital Services Agreements 5/20/03
Four Temporary Psychiatrist Personnel Services for DMH 5/20/03
Renewal Individual and Group Providers for the Provision of Specialty Mental Health Services 5/13/03
New Agreement with New Directions, Inc. 5/13/03
SB 90 Amendments to 45 Legal Entity Agreements for FY 02-03 3/4/03
Approval to Supersede One Hundred Twenty-Three MHS Agreements 10/1/02
Approval to amend the organizational chart 12/8/01