Report Fraud

LACDMH and Mental Health Contractor-operated sites shall provide mental health services and related administrative activities in a manner that meets the highest standards of business and professional ethics, and all LACDMH and Contractor-operated sites shall comply with applicable Federal, State, and County, statutes, laws, regulations, policies and procedures. This includes, but is not limited, to the Federal False Claims Act and the State False Claims Act.

LACDMH and Mental Health Contractor employees, and other workforce members, are required to report any actual or perceived compliance violations to persons within their organizations who are charged with reviewing and remediating such violations. At LACDMH, the areas charged with this responsibility are the area supervisor, the Program Manager, or the Compliance Program Office (CPO).

To report Los Angeles County managers, employees, contractors, or vendors who commit fraud, waste, or misappropriation of County resources, please go to to file your report electronically or call (800) 544-6861.

You can also review our department’s policies and procedures regarding fraud at this site (search or navigate for policy/procedure number 106.05)