Lanterman-Petris-Short (LPS) Trainings

Workforce Development Division (WDD) is pleased to announce new, and more easily accessible, LPS training options. Training for LPS authorization is now available via both live training as well as on-line training.  A new, on-line portal will allow applicants to create an account and submit an electronic training application.  The portal will also allow applicants to edit and save their application, receive notifications of training acceptance, and view their LPS authorization status. In addition, the new dynamics portal will allow for all authorized individuals, trained by either modality, to receive automated notifications for reauthorization.  Online trainings are available immediately.  The available live trainings are listed below and are updated monthly with new offerings.

Online Training

You are required to complete the entire online training (Part I thru Part IV) to take the LPS Designation Exam.  To begin the training, please click the links below:

Upon completion of the online training evaluation, you will be contacted via email with your exam schedule and location information.  The examination will be held in one of the DMH exam sites.

In-Person Training

Due to limited seating, applications will be accepted on a first come basis until capacity has been reached.  New offerings are uploaded monthly.

Upcoming trainings:

October 29, 2019
California Endowment (Big Sur Conference Room)
1000 N. Alameda St.  Los Angeles CA 90012
Online registration link

 Please review these documents before beginning of training:

  1. LPS Training Manual
  2. LPS Designation Guidelines
  3. PowerPoint slides
  4. Application for Assessment (5150 form)
  5. Notification of 5150/5585 Application for Assessment Form updates
  6. UPDATED/CURRENT Application for Assessment (5150 form)
  7. Resource Numbers
  8. Unlicensed Care Home