Emmy Award-Winning Profiles of Hope

The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health´s (LACDMH) ongoing Emmy Award-winning video series Profiles of Hope is an in-depth portrait of individuals who have struggled with mental health issues and are now in recovery. Their stories – unfiltered, inspiring and deeply moving – are a testament to the power of hope and finding the path to wellness and recovery.

As LACDMH and its communities continue to defeat the stigma and discrimination associated with persons diagnosed with mental illness, the Profiles of Hope series stands as an example of how mental illness does not define an individual. Through the very personal stories in each segment, viewers learn how those profiled have effectively dealt with their challenges; inspiring clients and others suffering from anxiety, depression, mania, psychosis and/or addiction to proactively seek treatment as soon as possible for better outcomes.

Profiles of Hope are a series of 30-minute videos produced by the LACDMH that can be seen on the Los Angeles County cable television channel as well as on YouTube. The series was initiated in 2010 by LACDMH Public Affairs Director, Kathleen Piché, as a vehicle in which to foster dialog and discussion on the issues related to mental health wellness and recovery. The series is designed to help promote widespread tolerance and acceptance of those diagnosed with mental illnesses and/or addiction. For more information on the Profiles of Hope video series, please contact the LACDMH PIO at


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