Juvenile Justice Transition Aftercare Services (JJTAS)


Juvenile Justice Transition Aftercare Services

On June 7, 2011, the County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors approved the Department of Mental Health to implement a Prevention & Early Intervention program to address the mental health needs of youth at risk of or experiencing juvenile justice involvement.

The Juvenile Justice Transition Aftercare Services (JJTAS) Program focuses on youth transitioning from Probation camp settings back to their home communities by utilizing Evidence Based Practices and linkage services.

The JJTAS program seeks to:

  • Build resiliency and protective factors that leave this population vulnerable to continued involvement in the juvenile justice system.
  • Promote coping and life skills development to minimize recidivism.
  • Identify mental health issues as early as possible and provide early intervention services to assist the youth successfully remain in the community.


The JJTAS program staff will collaborate with staff from the Juvenile Justice Camp Mental Health programs and Probation Department to identify youth who show signs of behavioral and emotional difficulties, are at-risk of continued contact with the juvenile justice system, and would benefit from additional evidence based mental health services.

The JJTAS Division will expand comprehensive, community based, culturally relevant mental health services to ensure a seamless transition of juvenile justice youth from camp to their families and communities.