TAY Full Service Partnership (FSP)

Intensive services with 24/7 staff availability to help individuals address emotional, housing, physical health, transportation, and other needs to help them function independently in the community. FSP have several defining characteristics, including providing a wide array of services and supports, guided by a commitment by providers to do “whatever it takes,” to help individuals within defined focal populations make progress on their particular paths to recovery and wellness.

FSP is an enrollment based program and clients must be referred to the program. There are two (2) ways a client can be referred to FSP:

  1. FSP agencies identify through outreach individuals who may be eligible and submit Full Service Partnership Referral and Authorization Form to the Impact Unit.
  2. Individuals may be referred to the Impact Unit by a non-FSP entity, (e.g., mental health services providers, social service agencies, and the community).


For more information, please call (213) 351-7737