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Job Opportunities During COVID-19 (updated: 3/27/2020)

Updated: 3/27/2020

National Companies:
Albertsons Companies
Dollar General
Dollar Tree & Family Dollar
Papa John’s
Pizza Hut
7 Eleven

Los Angeles Job Portal – Response by City of LA to help Angelenos who have lost their jobs or have had their hours cut back due to COVID-19, so that people can find help and jobs while adhering to the Safer at Home orders.

The drop-down menu items below show job postings organized by service area. Take a look at the LA County service areas map to determine which service area you are located in: County of LA – Service Area Map. Please visit the “Jobs by Service Area” page periodically as resources are updated on a weekly basis.

If there are no job postings in a service area of interest, click “All Service Areas” to view opportunities available throughout Los Angeles County. Also, go to Jobs Search Basics where you can find job search tools to search for employment opportunities.

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Service Area 1: Antelope Valley

I’m sorry, there are no job postings at the moment in this service area. However, that does not mean there aren’t jobs out there. Please visit periodically as resources on this page are updated on a regular basis.

Consider exploring the “All Service Areas” drop-down menu item above to view job postings that are recruiting candidates from all over LA County.

Also, go to Jobs Search Basics where you can find resources to search for potential employment opportunities under “Job Search by Company” and “Job Search Websites”.

Service Area 4: Metro Los Angeles

Account Clerk I (Los Angeles)  ENGSPAN 

Center for Employment Opportunity (CEO) (LA)
Job Coach
Job Developer
Program Manager

Legal Secretary (Mid-City)

Janitor/Machine Maintenance/Mixer (Chinatown)