2010 Revenue Management Bulletins (RMD)

NGA 10-002 ECR Discontinued
NGA 10-005 RMD Bulletins Issued in 2009
NGA 10-007 Medicare Provider Enrollment
NGA 10-011 Electronic Signatures and Electronically Signed Records
NGA 10-012 News Release From Social Security
NGA 10-020 SDMC Phase II: New Medi-Cal SOC Obligation Field
NGA 10-021 SDMC Phase II: New Pregnancy Indicator
NGA 10-023 SDMC Phase II: New Emergency Services Indicator
NGA 10-024 Healthy Families Data Requirements
NGA 10-025 SDMC Phase II: Duplicate Claim Override Indicator
NGA 10-027 Correct Billing Procedures for Clients with Medi-Cal & OHC
NGA 10-029 SDMC Phase II: New EPSDT Screening Referral Indicator
NGA 10-030 Reporting Private Insurance Billing in the IS
NGA 10-033 Financial Record Retention Regulations
NGA 10-034 Non Medi-Cal Billable Plans in the IS
NGA 10-035 Other Health Coverage Codes
NGA 10-036 Share of Cost (SOC) Reversal Using the Medi-Cal Website
NGA 10-037 Share of Cost Reversal Transaction Using the Automated Eligibility Verification System
NGA 10-038 Reading the Aid Codes Master Chart
NGA 10-040 Medi-Cal Website Eligibility Response: Traffic Signal Lights
NGA 10-042 Medi-Cal Managed Care Plans
NGA 10-043 Keeping Up with SDMC2 Claims that Need to be Voided in the IS
NGA 10-047 Share of Cost Reversal Using the POS Device
NGA 10-048 Completing the CMS-1500 Form
NGA 10-050 Timely Filing Changes For Medicare Part B Claims
NGA 10-055 Eligibility Verification Confirmation Codes in the IS
NGA 10-056 Some Medi/Medi Claims Can Go Direct to Medi-Cal
NGA 10-057 California Children’s Services
NGA 10-059 The Importance of Collecting Client Fees
NGA 10-060 VOID Now Available for Short-Doyle/Medi-Cal Phase II Claims
NGA 10-062 NGA Contractor Payments Monthly Schedule FY 2010-11
NGA 10-064 What to Do with Medi/Medi Claims
NGA 10-068 Avoid Having Claims Denied As Duplicates
NGA 10-070 Medi-Cal Eligibility Responses with CCS and No Aid Code
NGA 10-071 Emancipated Minors
NGA 10-072 Medi/Medi Claims About to Time Out
NGA 10-073 Medi-Cal for Foster Care Children Turning Age 18
NGA 10-078 Contract Providers: Enrolling Your Agencies With Medicare
NGA 10-082 Direct Medi-Cal Billing of Rehab Services H2015 & H2025
NGA 10-085 Direct Medi-Cal Billing When Place of Service is School for Medi/Medi Clients