MHC – Sixteen Members

Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Executive Officers
Michael Molina, Chair
Brittney Weissman, 1st Vice Chair
Bennet W. Root, JR., 2nd Vice Chair

Kathleen Austria
Jack Barbour

Board of Supervisor Representative

Kyla Coates, on behalf of Supervisor Janice Hahn

Commission Staff

Canetana Hurd, Secretary
Email: Office line: (213) 947-6628
Daniel Estrada, Support Staff
Email: Office line: (213) 947-6487

Mental Health Commission email:


First District – Hilda Solis
Imelda Padilla-Frausto
Susan F. Friedman
Bennett W. Root, Jr.

Second District – Holly Mitchell
Jack Barbour
Reba Stevens
Kathleen Austria

Third District – Lindsey Horvath
Stacy Dalgleish
Teresa Banko
Kevin Peng Xu

Fourth District – Janice Hahn
Michael Molina
Marilyn Sanabria
Victor Manalo

Fifth District – Kathryn Barger
Judy A. Cooperberg, MS, CPRP
Brittney Weissman, MPP
Lawrence Schallert, LCSW