Olympus Has Fallen

By Lorraine Viade, Psy.D.


Ask yourselves:  In the event of an impending nuclear crisis, who would you want making the decisions? In Olympus Has Fallen, a terrifying and successful attack is made on the White House by terrorists who have the skills, manpower and determination to carry out all threats.  Lucky for us, what they don’t have is Gerard Butler, who is unstoppable in the role of a Secret Service agent seeking redemption and Morgan Freeman who never lets go of the ability to listen to reason.  The conflict involves both North and South Korea and the aftermath of decisions of the past.  Olympus refers to the White House and when it falls, even if only in the movies, the impact really hits home, especially when the strikes hit their targets. 

I was caught up in the non-stop action, suspense and violence because it was so realistic.  And after 911, and with what is currently going on in the news lately, the mere thought of this situation sent shivers down my spine.  It was all too familiar.  What this film also does is magnify the immense responsibility that is held by the President and those next in line.  It also shows how fragile the efforts to maintain peace in the world are and how destruction is within a few keyboard clicks away.  I think that we, as a nation both united and divided, need to be reminded once in awhile of just how unsafe the world climate is today.  We go along with our lives; some with no appreciation for those who are willing to stand in the line of fire to protect our leaders. 

Olympus Has Fallen is more than just a high testosterone, last-minute rescue story.  It is a frightening commentary on how easy it could be to breach the walls of the United States, given the right motivation.  With nuclear weapons aimed at us today, you might not consider this movie entertaining, but it delivers on all levels as art in the midst of life and as a warning to take threats very seriously.

I pray every day that what happens in this movie never happens in real life.  You should, too.  But the actors are great and the supporting cast is so good that I would hope that our actual leaders would live up to their fictional counterparts.

Olympus Has Fallen is a great movie to see with friends and family.  There is a lot to talk about after you leave the theater.  I give this movie a solid four oval offices.  You will be at the edge of your seat.  Be warned, there is a lot of violence and is not recommended for younger audiences.