Karen’s Shopping Tip:  We can’t predict when a major appliance (e.g. refrigerator, washer, dryer, etc.) will give up on us.  So, we’re usually left to deal with the situation when it suddenly comes up.  But if we had the ability to know when we think our large appliances may conk out on us (and who wouldn’t want that ability?), we could plan a huge purchase and try to get the best deal possible on it!

So, is there a best time to buy a new appliance? According to some experts, yes! That, of course, also depends on what it is you’re buying.  And, don’t forget that comparison shopping is also a must when you want the lowest price you can possibly get!

January:  Older inventory of appliances may still be hanging around from the previous year.  Selection may be limited but you might find yourself a good bargain if you can live with last year’s models!

May:  Traditionally, most refrigerator manufacturers roll out their new models in the summer.  So, last year’s models find themselves discounted during the spring.

September and October:  Appliance manufacturers usually unveil their newest models during these months.  In turn, the prices of last year’s models take a dive to make room for the new models that hit the stores in the winter.

Holiday Weekends:  Holiday weekends (e.g. Columbus Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Black Friday, etc.) can be good times to snatch up great deals!

And if you’re internet savvy, you may get a fantastic deal online all year-round.  Just remember that you’ll need to factor in the shopping fees into the final costs.