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LACDMH and Supervisors Recognize Outstanding Nurses

LACDMH Recognizes Outstanding Nurses

By Karen Zarsadiaz-Ige, Public Information Officer II

On Tuesday, May 14, 2013, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors recognized outstanding nurses from throughout the county’s departments, including the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (LACDMH).  The ceremony is part of the celebration for Nurse Recognition Week.

At the Board of Supervisors’ presentation, the Supervisors thanked the county’s nurses for their dedicated efforts and contributions. Thirteen nurses from various departments, including Health Services, Children and Family Services, Public Health, Mental Health, Fire and Sheriff, received scrolls as part of the special recognition.

A luncheon hosted by the LACDMH Nursing Professional Concerns Committee (NPCC) followed the Supervisors’ meeting.  The 2013 Spring Gala and Nurse Recognition took place at the Proud Bird Restaurant near LAX.  

Chris Collins, RN, Chair, LACDMH NPCC, hosted the program.  LACDMH Medical Director Rod Shaner, M.D., discussed changes on the horizon for mental health care.  Dr. Shaner then thanked all the nurses for their good work and helped present certificates to all the honorees.

This year’s LACDMH Outstanding Nurse Award was presented to Mabel Ann Guertin, MHCRN, from Antelope Valley MHC.

This year’s nominees were also recognized, including:

  • Carolyn Blackburn, MHCRN, PMRT SA1
  • Rayme Brock, MHCRN, Hollywood
  • Christopher Chigbolu, SMHCRN, PMRT SA4
  • Chris Collins, SMHCRN, West Valley
  • Annketse Desta, MHCRN, West Central
  • Barbara Hollis, SRMHCRN, PMRT SA1
  • Katy Ihrig, MHCRN, Santa Clarita
  • Clarisse Kovelman, SRMHCRN, San Fernando FSP
  • Lana LaMotte, MHCRN, MH Court Program
  • Ruth Marks, MHCRN, Santa Clarita
  • Lisa Nau, MHCRN, West Valley