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TAY System Navigators:

TAY System Navigators:

The TAY Navigation Team’s primary role is to assist SED/SPMI youth with navigating through the various human services systems to achieve effective linkages to needed mental health, housing, and other essential services. Each TAY Navigation Team consists of a master’s level clinician and a housing specialist. The TAY navigation teams are assigned to each Service Area; additional TAY navigators are assigned to the Los Angeles County Probation camps where they serve the primary purpose of providing effective linkage to continuing Mental Health Services and community supports for SED/SPMI TAY leaving the camp settings.

The TAY Navigation Team participates in the Full Service Partnership (FSP) referral screening and disposition processes. They also conduct MHSA outreach presentations in collaboration with Service Area Navigators, Outreach Specialists, and FSP providers to promote knowledge about MHSA and increase utilization of the FSP program services. Mental health promotional activities have been conducted at a variety of sites, including the Los Angeles County Children’s Court, Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and Probation offices, local colleges, and mental health conferences. Finally, in an effort to reach unserved, underserved, and inappropriately services youth, the TAY Navigation Teams have established helping relationships with a number of community-based drop-in centers, where the Navigators are able to build trusting alliances with the youth, conduct brief screenings to assess mental health and housing needs, and provide linkages and referrals to appropriate services and supports.

For more information, see the Navigation Team Roster

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Transition-Age Youth (TAY) System of Care (SOC)
Terri Boykins, LCSW, Deputy Director (213) 738-2408

Transition-Age Youth (TAY) Division
Mary Romero, LCSW, M.H. Clinical Program Mgr. III
(213) 738-4844

Belen Camacho-Fuller, LCSW, Program Head (213) 351-7737

For more information on our TAY Programs contact TAYDivision@dmh.lacounty.gov

TAY FSP Final Authorization Team:
Authorization Desk (213) 639-6730

TAY Enhanced Emergency Shelter Program
Gatekeeper (213) 738-6194

Permanent Supportive Housing Ambassador
Andrew Onaghise (213) 471-6529

TAY Navigation Program 
Haydouk Zakarian, LCSW (213) 351-7736

Rhonda Richards-Smith, LCSW (213) 351-6649

TAY MHSA PEI Evidence-Based Practices and Co-Occurring Disorders Unit
Shirley Flournoy, Ph.D., Program Manager (213) 738-6195

Sermed Alkass, PsyD, Managing Psychologist (213) 738-4715

TAY Drop-In Centers
Sylvia Alarcon (213) 639-6071

Juvenile Justice and Probation Camps/Halls Division
Karen Streich, Ph.D. - District Chief (213) 738-2895

Juvenile Justice Aftercare Services Division
Lori Willis, Ph.D. - Division Chief (213) 351-7733